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The Honda Formula Four Stroke Powerboat series is now very well Established world wide as a wonderful sporting series, it’s into its 8th year and over 70 races .The one designed nature of the series means that skill and dedication rather than money and luck will produce the results over the 10 round season.

The series has also shown that although good racers maybe born, to be successful over a season takes team work and coaching. The series has also proved that ' normal' people with some guidance can also enjoy, compete and discover talents that have remained unexploited for many years.

Results have shown that when teams combine their hard work and preparation and take advantage of Neil's knowledge, coaching and enthusiasm for the sport, podiums and championships are inevitable, and there is plenty of evidence!!

If someone wants to be a successful powerboat racer I would recommend them spend time with Neil, but only go if you are willing to listen, learn and have a challenging spirit.



Martin Sanders
'Father of the Honda Formula Four Stroke Powerboat Race Series’


When Neil mentioned that part of the course was theory based I was a bit skeptical, but as I found out, you never know everything.  The theory element of the course was useful covering all elements of driving a boat from safety through to navigation and driving a boat both on and off the racecourse.

Neil’s approach to training is very much discussion based rather than to ‘preach’ to you which made the whole thing a lot more interesting.  The notes on the course are basic but good groundwork preparation for what’s to come!

The second part of the course is the practical element, and I guess everyone’s favourite bit. Whilst the course has a set syllabus, Neil is also keen to discuss your individual needs and add these to the day as well. For example, I wanted more tips for cornering at high speeds and racing strategically. 

After some basic driving skills assessments and some general tips it was time to get to the racing bit.  What Neil is very good at is motivation, and he is only person I know that can get you in ‘race (red mist)’ mode when you are out on a boat on your own! 

Talking to you constantly whilst you are driving he made me imagine there were other boats around us, taking us on the inside/the outside etc.  This brings out the best in your driving skills and makes you react sharply to his instructions. 

His calm approach and deep knowledge of boats and the way they can be driven made this course one of the best investments I have made in the boat.  It certainly polished up my racing skills.  I think even the most seasoned powerboat racer will learn a thing or two from Neil and I would not hesitate to go back to him.

Jackie Hunt P1  powerboat champion  2006

I started racing powerboats this year, and have trained with Neil Holmes from the very beginning.  Neil is a fantastic teacher - he has the rare ability of explaining difficult things in a way which makes them easy to understand and interesting.  And it's fun!  Shelley and I have spent hours with Neil either in the classroom or on the Solent, and we have always had a good laugh.  Through training, I have gained confidence, expertise and a great love of the sport. 

On top of this, Neil has been a massive support to the two of us through the season - he has encouraged, motivated and comforted us, and has been a great supporter of Team Raymarine.  Winning the 2005 Honda British Formula Four-Stroke Championship was the ultimate end to a fantastic season, and both Shelley and I are so appreciative of the hugely important part Neil has played in our success this year. 

Libby Keir
Team Raymarine Honda 225 champions

The Neil Holmes Powerboat Training Centre has been an invaluable element to my first season in powerboat racing and the Honda F4-Stroke 225 Championship.  From theory work in the class room to training on the water in one to one situations.  The learning curve would have been a lot flatter and more expensive without Neil's assistance and enthusiasm.  Podium finishes and 4th in the Championship was a great start to my powerboat racing career.

Rupert Pugh
Heights of Abraham


I was quite unsure about attending the training school with Neil,  I believe I was one of his first students if not the first so I had no-one to ask for a recommendation.  I had already been powerboat racing for 5 years and although I was eager to learn more I was worried he was going to state the obvious to me.

How wrong I was, the class room part did cover some theories I already knew,  but believe me I learn 't so much and I really expanded my  knowledge of the boat and engine, team handling, race preparation, strategies for training and boat testing - all of which, I might add, I have put into practice. And its worked. The on the water training was and still is invaluable to me. 

After experiencing quite a nasty accident in my V24 powerboat in 2003, I had lost my nerve and had very little confidence in my ability to drive a boat.

Neil was extremely patient with me and was always ready to turn a tricky moment in the boat during training into a laugh and make it fun - after all this is my hobby so if I am not enjoying  the training and practice sessions there is no point carrying on!

My driving and handling of the boat improved immensely, and Neil encouraged me with such enthusiasm it gave my loads of confidence and made training days so much fun - you just wanted more!

This year I had a new novice navigator join me in the Honda boat - Libby Keir -and without hesitation I sent her straight to Neil for the complete powerboat race training package and she loved every minute of it and we now train together with Neil on a regular basis.

The result is the only all female Honda powerboat team enjoying a very successful season.

I said to Neil at the beginning of last year - I want to sit in my boat and feel at ease with it and drive it like I drive my car!!  I can now do that!

Shelley Jory
Team Raymarine Honda 225 champion