Performance / Race Training

All of these courses are on a one to one or team basis, although you are welcome to book in friends or family who wish to train with you

High performance training ~ Rough water handling ~ Powerboats and RHIBS ~ Endurance/marathon race training ~ Race training ~ Pursuit boat training ~ Multi hull training

High performance training

Many of today’s boats can achieve speeds in excess of 60mph, our introductory one day course looks at what to expect from your boat,  prop selection, sea conditions  and how to drive safely and comfortably  at speed. Morning will be classroom based and afternoon on water. If you don’t yet have a performance boat you can train in our Evolution Rib a boat capable of speeds in excess of 80mph! (Extra cost)

High performance training ~ Rough water handling ~ Powerboats and RHIBS ~ Endurance/marathon race training ~ Race training ~ Pursuit boat training ~ Multi hull training
Rough water handling

This course is to enable you to handle your craft in rough waters making it as safe and effective as possible, covering, wave patterns such as beam, following seas etc, and how they will affect your boat in rough water, rough water driving techniques and how to trim your boat to achieve the safest and most comfortable ride.

Powerboats and RHIBS

This is a one day course and is ideal for either novices or more experienced power boaters and a suitable follow on from RYA level 2. You will learn how to recognise sea conditions, prop choice, rough water handling, understanding your boat and driving techniques. Ideally you will undertake training in your own boat, but if you don’t have one of your own we can offer a RIB for this training (extra cost). You may wish to book in all the family for this course as it is tailored exclusively around, your own experience and boat type.

Endurance/marathon race training

Our EXCLUSIVE course will help with the formidable task of long distance racing. Taken over two days you will cover topics such as boat set up, planning and logistics alongside a race orientated curriculum. This training is part theory and part practical.

We would recommend that as many of your team attend as possible. A must for those who haven’t experienced the challenge of setting out on a 150 mile plus race!




Race training
A specialised course for anyone who is already racing or wanting to race. Subjects covered will include tactical driving, crew importance, understanding your race boat and cornering techniques.

You will be taught to improve and develop your existing skills to achieve full potential in the competitive environment of powerboat racing. The base course is held over two days with both theoretical and practical work involved. The training is suitable for both driver and co-pilot.


Pursuit boat training

Specifically for our racers who want to learn more tactical driving, attack and defence, close quarter racing, racing lines, driving under pressure and co-pilot practise. Neil will ‘race’ you around the course in our own boat and help you to sharpen your skills........ Not for the faint hearted!


Multi hull training
Learning to drive a catamaran or tri-maran requires very different driving techniques than V hulls, if you have a multi hull craft please enquire for details of our training programme

If you have any training requirements not listed above please contact us and we will put together a specially prepared training programme to meet your needs.